RHHH Away Weekend - Albenga, Italian Riviera

Albenga 5x Sarts in....


What Can You Expect At The RHHH Albenga 5x away Weekend?​

3 Runs

Lots of Italian Food!

Saturday Party

Beachside Hotel

Albenga 5x, Back Again!

For our second away weekend of the year Riviera HHH and our friends from Dublin HHH are returning to the Italian Riviera town  of Albenga at the Solemare hotel. 

This will be our 5th visit it here so the whole weekend will be like a well oiled (with booze) machine!

The hotel Solemare has been fully reseved by us already but you will need to specify which sleeping set up:  i.e. single/ twin/ double/ share requirements and with whom.

We will boo the hotel for you.

If you do not wish to stay in the Solamare then feel free to book another Hotel. The Hotel Mimosa is in the street behind.

It is located just in front of the beach Bagni Miramare so early morning, or midnight, swimming is easy.,

It is also at 100 and 300 meters from the bus stops to the town centre and the Albenga Train Station and each room has a small balcony.

Rooms are simply furnished in a classic or modern décor with carpeted floors, a private bathroom, air conditioning and an LCD TV, free internet access in the lobby. In the dining room awaits you each morning the breakfast buffet with sweet and savory, the restaurant at Hotel Solemare serves dinners of traditional Ligurian cuisine.


Stay in a Beachside Hotel, three runs/walks and Saturday event.

Friday 16th Sep 2022

and the bar opens!

Followed by Circle and  meal

Saturday 17th Sep 2022

with beer stops, picnic lunch and circle

Followed by Dinner, Bar and Event

Sunday 18th Sep 2022

followed by closing Circle and meal at final location.

Book Now to Avoid Disappointment

Weekend Fee

ONLY €130!

NB This does NOT include accommodation  in the Hotel Solamare,which you need to reseve youselves THOUGH US. We have negotiated the prices to be  €95 for double and €65 single. Your Hotel bill to be settled directly with the Hotel Solamare.


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The Run fee of €130 covers,


Registration and reception.(Bar open for the weekend)

Trail, followed by the evening meal at the Hotel Solamare,


Transport to trail site, picnic lunch, evening meal at the Hotel,

Sunday trail from *Alasio, lunch and goodbye.

(*make your own way there, excellent bus or train service) which gives easy access to the motorway system for your return journey,

The usual  beer,  wine and softie drinks supplied by Riviera HHH

Your Hotel bill to be settled directly with the Hotel Solamare.

Reserve the Hotel Solamare youselves through us.

We have negotiated the prices to be  €95 for double and €65 single.


Hotel Solemare, Albenga, Liguria, Italy


16th-18th Sep 2022

Hotel Address:

Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 15
17031, Albenga, Italy

Where Is Hotel Solemare?

Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo 15,

17031, Albenga Italy

The town of Albenga is in the centre of the coastal region of western Liguria in north-west Italy, north-east of Cervo and Sanremo and on the coast called the Riviera di Ponente. It is about 80 kilometres from the Italian border with France.

Since ancient times the surrounding plain has been planted with gardens and orchards near the villages, while the foothills contain pastures, crops and vineyards. Even today, the plain is rich in vegetable and fruit crops. Among these, artichokes and asparagus are the most popular products, but also courgettes, tomatoes, carrots and leeks, as well as peaches and apricots, basil and other herbs.

On the surrounding hills wines such as the “Vermentino” and “Rossese” are produced, while a typical dish is the 'Imbrogliata' artichoke.



Albenga and Surroundings

We do our best to keep you safe but you are responsible to use your own personal  judgment as ability varies.


Legal Waiver




“I am registering to participate in a hash event hosted by the Riviera Hash House Harriers. Activities associated with this event involve drinking alcoholic beverages, running, walking, climbing stairs and uneven surfaces, and prolonged enjoyment and festivities, which can at times involve substantial risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers associated with participation in the event. Dangers peculiar to such activities include, but are not limited to: hypothermia, drowning, broken bones, unwanted stains, strains, sprains, bruises, fecal trauma, concussion, feelings hurt, actual hurt, heart attack, cuts, abrasions, burns, electrical shock, disgust, poisoning, losing your sex partner, mopery, and blunt trauma. Inebriated participants also run the risk of incarceration, public shaming, tattooage, various forms of sexually-transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancy.”


The Riviera HHH reserves the right to refuse anyone from attending this event before and during the event for any reason. Actions that may result in being asked to leave the event include but are not limited to fraud, theft, fighting, sexual assault, causing damage to property, other illegal activities which affect others, or unwanted arseholery.


By accepting the Tc & Cs you agree this constitutes a legal signature and agree to all the statements on this page and the following statement:


”I have carefully read this RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. By registering I waive all rights for legal and/or civil action against all person(s) participating in or organizing this event.  I hereby forfeit all rights to sue anyone associated with or connected to the participants in this event. I further attest that I am of legal drinking age and will consume no more alcoholic beverages than I can handle and will stop myself when I have consumed my personal limit. I am responsible if I break any laws or hurt anyone due to my behavior.”
Renonciation Juridique


“Je m’inscris pour participer à un événement de hachage organisé par les Riviera Hash House Harriers. Les activités associées à cet événement impliquent la consommation de boissons alcoolisées, la course, la marche, la montée d’escaliers et de surfaces inégales, ainsi qu’un plaisir et des festivités prolongés, qui peuvent parfois comporter des risques substantiels de blessures, de dommages matériels et d’autres dangers liés à la participation à l’événement. Les dangers propres à de telles activités comprennent, sans s’y limiter : l’hypothermie, la noyade, les os brisés, les taches indésirables, les foulures, les entorses, les contusions, les traumatismes fécaux, les commotions cérébrales, les blessures ressenties, les blessures réelles, les crises cardiaques, les coupures, les abrasions, les brûlures, les chocs électriques, le dégoût, l’empoisonnement, la perte du partenaire sexuel, la vadrouille et les traumatismes contondants. Les participants en état d’ébriété courent également le risque d’être incarcérés, de subir une honte publique, d’être tatoués, de contracter diverses formes de maladies sexuellement transmissibles et de subir une grossesse non désirée.”

Le Riviera HHH se réserve le droit de refuser à quiconque de participer à cet événement avant et pendant l’événement pour quelque raison que ce soit. Les actions qui peuvent entraîner une demande de quitter l’événement comprennent, sans s’y limiter, la fraude, le vol, les bagarres, les agressions sexuelles, les dommages matériels, d’autres activités illégales qui affectent les autres, ou le léchage de cul non désiré.

En acceptant les Tc & Cs, vous reconnaissez que cela constitue une signature légale et vous acceptez toutes les déclarations de cette page ainsi que la déclaration suivante :

“J’ai lu attentivement cet ACCORD DE DÉCHARGE ET D’INDEMNITÉ. En m’inscrivant, je renonce à tout droit d’action juridique et/ou civile contre toute(s) personne(s) participant à ou organisant cet événement. Par la présente, je renonce à tout droit de poursuite contre toute personne associée ou liée aux participants à cet événement. J’atteste également que j’ai l’âge légal pour boire et que je ne consommerai pas plus de boissons alcoolisées que je ne peux en supporter et que je m’arrêterai lorsque j’aurai consommé ma limite personnelle. Je suis responsable si j’enfreins des lois ou si je blesse quelqu’un en raison de mon comportement.”


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